Antibiotics: Use Wisely, Avoid Resistance
Nonstop coughing. A pounding headache. Sinus pressure. A bad cold can make you feel just as miserable as if you had the flu. After a week of feeling awful, many people wonder if they need an antibiotic to get better. Before you start hunting through your medicine cabinet, consider this: antibiotics don’t work on viruses. In fact, they could make…
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Reach Your Weight-Loss Goals
Stepping on the scale feels pretty good when the pounds keep dropping. For most Americans, however, the numbers start to increase within a matter of weeks or months. Disappointed and frustrated, many of us eventually move the scale to the back of a cabinet or a closet where it’s out of sight. Losing weight – and keeping if off –…
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2018: Resolve to Improve Your Health
In 2018, I’m going to lose weight. Come January, I’m going to quit smoking. This New Year, I’m going to eat healthier. New Year’s resolutions sound great when you share them with your friends and family. If you’re really serious about making some health-related changes, it’s time to bring in an expert: your primary care provider. “Making a decision to…
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Essential Oils: Consult Health Provider First
The lavender mist dancing from your diffuser may smell absolutely wonderful, but is it also making you feel calm? From the woodsy aroma of cedarwood to the clean scent of lemon, essential oils have become a staple in many homes nationwide. Chances are you either know someone who uses essential oils or you have a drawer full of them in…
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Stay Healthy During Holiday Travels
The stranger you sit next to this holiday season for your flight home might be perfectly healthy, but the surfaces that surround you both can be teeming with cold and flu viruses. Without a doubt, the germs lurking on every plane and train and in every station and airport can wreak havoc on your holiday travel plans. At best, you…
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Managing Your High Blood Pressure

Dr. Susan Szulc, of Bon Secours Medical Associates at Virginia Beach, discusses strategies that can help those suffering from or at risk for high blood pressure control and manage their condition - beyond the doctor's office.