Lose Weight Safely, Regain Your Health
Imagine losing enough weight to ditch your blood pressure medication. What if you could put your diabetes into remission? How much better would you feel every day if your blood sugar level wasn’t out of control? It’s not hard to envision these healthy changes when you talk to people who have overcome obesity at Bon Secours Weight Loss Institute. For…
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Prevent Colorectal Cancer: Get Screened
Making time for exercise, avoiding tobacco and limiting how much alcohol you drink may help you lower your risk for colorectal cancer – the second leading cancer killer. But the most effective way to reduce your risk is much simpler: Begin regular colorectal screenings tests when you turn 50. Colorectal cancer is cancer that occurs in the colon or rectum. Both…
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High Blood Pressure: New Guidelines Affect Many
You know your age. You probably know how much you weigh. You might even know where you fall on the body mass index. But do you know your blood pressure? If you don’t, the few minutes it takes to have it read could save your life. High blood pressure is called “the silent killer” because unless you have it checked,…
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5 Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure
Nearly half of all U.S. adults need to lower their blood pressure, according to new health guidelines. Whether you fall into this group, it’s smart to practice healthy lifestyle habits that have a direct effect on your blood pressure and your risk for heart disease and stroke. Taking care of yourself requires some commitment but the benefits can last –…
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7 Sleep Guidelines Every Expecting Parent Should Know
One of the most important things every parent should know is how to keep their baby safe while sleeping. Infants spend up to 16 hours sleeping every day. It’s critical for their growth and development. Whether you’re expecting your first child or your third, make sure your baby’s sleep habits and environment do not pose any health risks. Tragically, nearly…
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Managing Your High Blood Pressure

Dr. Susan Szulc, of Bon Secours Medical Associates at Virginia Beach, discusses strategies that can help those suffering from or at risk for high blood pressure control and manage their condition - beyond the doctor's office.