New Year, New Career: Bon Secours Nurse Aide Training

Bon Secours Certified Nurse Aide TrainingBon Secours Nurse Aide Training Program has a history of graduating successful Nurse Aides, and a history of program growth.

Since 1997, 87 classes have completed the seven-week training. Graduates work in every kind of health care setting, from hospitals to assisted living facilities. Some get additional training, often with assistance from employers.

Class sizes have grown from 10 to 40 students. Today, after four moves in its lifetime, the Nurse Aide Training Program makes its’ southside Hampton Roads home on the 4th floor of DePaul Medical Center.

The next milestone in the program’s growth will take place January 11, 2010, when the first Nurse Aide Training at Mary Immaculate Hospital will welcome 10 students.

Who chooses to become a Nurse Aide? According to Program Director Christine Mettille, RN:  “Students who have an honest, compassionate desire to take care of people.”

Students range in age from 17 (with parental permission) to 70. And up! For eligible current Bon Secours employees, there is even scholarship assistance.

The pass rates for Bon Secours graduates taking the Virginia state CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant) licensure exam range recently peaked at 92% – that’s higher than Virginia and national pass averages!

Graduates are in demand – many are offered jobs as Nurse Aides/Assistants before they graduate. In the Nurse aide training program, students learn:

  • Infection Control
  • Safety and Emergency Measures/CPR (certification)
  • Body Systems
  • Basic Nurse Aide Skills
  • Legal Aspects of Practice… and much more

If you’re interested or know of someone who might be, the Nurse Aide Training Program holds an Open House each week. A clinical instructor is on hand to answer questions about enrollment, course cost, scholarship assistance (for eligible Bon Secours employees) and employment after graduation.

At DePaul Medical Center, the Open House is held each Tuesday, 2-3pm.

At Mary Immaculate Hospital, Open House events will begin after Christmas 2009, and will be held each Friday, 2-3pm.

Call (757) 889-5126 to reach the main information line for either program.