Advanced Wound Care at Bon Secours

Bon Secours Hampton Roads uses a unique wound bandage, called TheraGauze.  TheraGauze is made up of a white fabric that’s moistened with a polymer mixture. Instead of keeping the wound dry, this bandage keeps it moist. As a result, TheraGauze bandages don’t need to be changed as often, lasting two to three days. With most patients, wounds heal faster with TheraGauze versus other traditional bandages. Bon Secours Mary Immaculate Hospital in Newport News has been using TheraGauze since it came out in 2007.  To read the complete article, visit The Daily Press:,0,559762.story

2 thoughts on “Advanced Wound Care at Bon Secours

  1. Amanda Sealey LPN

    I was perusing the employment opportunities within the Bon-Secours Hampton roads website and discovered the HPERBARIC TREATMENT TECHNICIAN opening in the WOUND CARE DEPT. I have an interest in this field and feel I would be an asset to your team if given the chance!! I reside in Norfolk near DEPAUL HOSPITAL. I have 18years of experience as a LPN with SUB-ACUTE REHAB, IN-PT. ACUTE and RESPIRATORY-HOME O2/DME. I also have 6yrs of HOME HEALTH/ SKILLED CARE experience (I.E.WOUNDS) I tried to apply directly to the BSHR website, but was re-directed due to having already applied to 4 other LPN positions available. MY EMAIL IS LISTED–i WOULD LIKE TO SECURE AN INTERVIEW!!!!!! Amanda Sealey LPN

    1. BSHR


      We appreciate your interest in our wound care department!

      In order to secure an interview, you must first complete an application online at our jobs website: There are a variety of job listings available for all of our facilities and departments. After you submit your application, our team will select candidates for interviews.

      Best of luck in the process!


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