Five Ways to Kick Start Your Weight Loss

One day, you’ll get sick of having to wrestle on the floor to get on your favorite jeans, or browse through new clothing on the sales to get to the higher sizes. While the determination to lose weight burns strong inside you, implementing a program to shed pounds can prove a challenge…and bring on frustration and discouragement if you don’t immediately see results. Know this: healthy weight loss means gradual weight loss. Don’t expect to transform into Angelina Jolie overnight, but make a few substitutions in your eating habits to kick start your diet and help you reach your goals.

If you starve yourself through dinner and reward yourself with a small salad, if you spend an entire day at the gym with the treadmill on high, chances are you are counteracting any progress you do make in your weight loss regimen. When your body is in starvation mode, it will seek to find existing nutrients in your body, often taking them from muscles rather than fat, and if you go full boar into exercise without warming up or hydrating yourself, you’re likely to become exhausted and reluctant to work out again. When you approach weight loss with more practicality, however, you’ll find you can transition into a lifestyle change that works for you. Here are five way you can achieve your goals.

1) Make small substitutions in your diet. Switch out soda for water when you eat. Instead of butter on your breakfast muffin, try a sugar free jam; better yet, start the day with an apple or banana and cup of yogurt. These switches, when done daily, really add up on calories saved.

2) Eat when you are hungry. It will surprise dieters to realize when they begin a program, they are likely eating more than ever before. Of course, whatis eaten vastly differs from endless weeks of fast food and dessert, but as you watch your weight don’t ignore your body. If it’s hungry, feed it. Keep healthy snacks like baby carrots, almonds, or raisins on hand to munch.

3) Drink more water. Chances are, your body isn’t getting enough hydration. When you maintain a healthy 64 ounces of water a day, you may find you have more energy and a greater desire to eat better. A good way to know if you’re getting enough water is to check your urine – the less yellow it appears, the better you’re doing.

4) Go for a walk. Set at least twenty minutes of your day aside for a nice walk. The time spent getting this exercise helps increase your heart rate and your energy, and you’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day. From here you can consult with your doctor or a fitness expert to determine the best exercise program for you.

5) Don’t give up. Weight management should never be considered temporary. This is a new lifestyle designed to improve how you work, play, and eat. Once you reach your weight loss goal, you’ll need to maintain your good health, and the new habits you develop over time will contribute.

Remember, don’t expect overnight miracles. Small steps lead to great things, and these five are good to take.

Kathryn Lively writes about Virginia weight loss and weight loss surgery issues.

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