Health Risks of Runners

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (WAVY) – In a crowd of more than 20,000 runners, some are more fit than others, but the runner who died after crossing the finish line at the half marathon in Virginia Beach on Sunday was in good health.

27-year-old Sean McCarthy, of Richmond, was a marathon runner who collapsed at the finish line of the Rock-N-Roll Half Marathon. He had been running for 10 years, and logged over 100 miles per week.

“This young man was my age, probably just as fit as I am,” said Ryan Carroll, of Chesapeake, who is also a marathon runner and ran the race on Sunday as well. He said it’s scary to think that it could have been him.

It is still unclear as to why McCarthy died, but doctors said sudden death in athletes is rare. Most are due to undiagnosed heart problems.

Bon Secours Sports Medicine Doctor, Anand Kapur, said “There’s two main problems – one can be an arrythmia or a conduction problem, where the electric activity of the heart is abnormal and can lead to death. The other can be an anatomical abnormality.”

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