First Ingredient of Weight Loss Success is a Positive Attitude

If you are reading this now, there’s a possibility you found this on an Internet search for weight loss tips. Read the following very carefully, because it’s not my intent to mislead anybody, regardless of how many pounds they need to lose.

You can successfully achieve your weight loss goals. You can successfully maintain a healthy weight. Don’t expect miracles overnight. You hold the key to your success.

I hope I haven’t disappointed you if you came here thinking I would tell you of a miracle cure that melts fats instantly within weeks so you can attend your high school reunion and show off an awesome bod. Yes, weight loss surgery is an option for some, but don’t think it’s the express ticket to instant skinny. There are tests to take, procedures to follow, and a healthful regimen to maintain. WLS can help those who qualify, but it’s important to know that you won’t transform instantly to Angelina Jolie or gain abs like The Situation right afterward. Exercise, movement, and good eating do the rest.

Oh yes, one more thing: if you want to reach your weight loss goals you must have the most important element with you at all times – a positive mindset. Weight loss shouldn’t be view necessarily as a process, but an exciting journey. As you plan new menus and workouts, you have the opportunity to discover new things about yourself, and revel in the days you step on the scale to find the needle hasn’t passed as far as it did last month. Look forward to each day, and don’t allow discouragement or a slip of the lip around a Krispy Kreme doughnut cause you to backslide.

It’s tough, too. You’ll go to parties, or turn on the TV and see somebody tuck into a Big Mac or Dairy Queen Blizzard, and the cravings creep up on you. Should you indulge once in a while in a guilty pleasure, don’t obsess over it! Move ahead, and steer back on track. One reason branded weight loss programs find success is through the support they offer – if you have a diet buddy, the give and take of encouragement is an excellent way to increase positivity as you work toward your goals. The weight loss will occur naturally if you abide by your plan with your heart light and willing.

As for that high school reunion, go anyway. Dazzle your old friends with your amazing smile.

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