Dear Diary, Today I ate…

Keeping track of calories

Staying Accountable: Food Diaries

Atkins and Weight Watchers are completely different diets. One counts the number of carbohydrates you eat, the other stacks up how many points.

But both of them rely on something very important to losing weight: keeping a food diary.

It’s intimidating. Putting down on paper everything you eat is admitting to yourself where you went wrong. It might have started as early as breakfast when you ripped into that bag of instant oatmeal loaded with sugar. And maybe it ended at dinner with a glass or two of wine.

Here’s what we think: nobody has to see your food journal but you. It’s like looking at your bank account. You need to know how much money is in the account before you spend too much.

The theory is that if you keep track of your food choices, you will be less likely to make bad ones.

Go ahead, pick up a pen. The only person who will know is you.

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