How to Keep that New Year’s Resolution

Healthy eating in the New Year.

Many people are going to make them. How many will succeed?

Did you make a resolution last January? How did you do?

Here’s some advice when it comes to making resolutions. Keep it realistic. It’s one thing to declare “I’m going to tame my cupcake addiction!” It’s another to decide “I’m not eating ANY cupcakes this year!”

Take baby steps toward this goal. Give up cupcakes completely – but only for one month. When you slip back into the bakery, you won’t be so likely to walk out of the store with a tower of pink boxes.

Another trick is to reward yourself every time you stick to your resolution.

Just don’t treat yourself to something else you might have to rein in: like chocolate croissants.

Let Bon Secours nutritionists help you start the New Year right.

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