The Real Skinny On Breakfast

Bon Secours Health Tip: Delicious grapes and other fresh fruits make a healthy breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal.

Maybe you’re not a morning person. You have no appetite as you’re grabbing your coffee and heading out the door to put the kids on the bus. But you probably make sure they eat their breakfast.
Shouldn’t this meal be your top priority in the morning, too?
When you skip breakfast, you set yourself up for eating something unhealthy later in the day. Those doughnuts and their empty calories will look absolutely scrumptious to you because you’re so hungry and stuck in a meeting for the next hour.
And your body is ready to take all those calories and store them as fat because it thinks you’ve been fasting. When you miss meals, your body increases its insulin response. It stores more fat and you gain weight.
Studies prove this theory. Researchers examined the eating habits of girls from age 9 to 19. The ones who regularly ate cereal for breakfast had fewer weight problems.
Another study found that people who eat breakfast were more likely to exercise.
So what should you eat for breakfast?
Nutritionists recommend eating yogurt, cereal and oatmeal low in sugar and fat. Skip the bagel and cream cheese. Avoid instant oatmeal flavors loaded with sugar. Opt for steel oats or plain oatmeal instead. Add fresh fruit.
That doughnut might still look appealing, but you’ll be able to say “No thanks!” because your stomach is full.

Source: Journal of the American Dietetic Association

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