Three Easy Steps for Coping with Holiday Stress

Dr. Angela Parson of Hampton Roads OB/GYN

This time of year is full of hustle and bustle.  Between the holiday parties, family gatherings and shopping, December is usually overrun with activity. As multi-taskers, we often take on way too much. This holiday season, let’s all remind ourselves not to over-extend and to keep already long lists as short and realistic as possible.
Here are a three simple and easy tips that can help you keep the stress to a minimum:

1.   Prioritize your engagements. Decide what the most important events are and pass over the rest with a guilt free no.

2. Consume in moderation and increase exercise to balance the extra calories. Tasty treats abound, but over indulgence in food or alcohol will decrease much needed energy.

3.   Do a realistic assessment of finances. Over spending is a major cause of stress, both now and in January when the bills are due.  Set spending limits and stick to them.

Finally, the real reason for the season has little to do with expensive presents, holiday parties, or double-booked calendars. Let’s all take some time to reflect on God’s blessings in 2010 and anticipate a fruitful 2011.

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