No More Resolutions

Dr. Angela Parson of Hampton Roads OB/GYN

It’s January and everyone has set their yearly resolution.  Most of us promise to lose 50 pounds by June, to start saving 50% of our incomes, or to stop bad habits, like smoking.  The truth of the matter is 80% of us will fail and revert back to old habits by January’s end.  Here’s why:  The goal isn’t realistic- it’s too much too fast.

There is certainly nothing wrong with a resolution.  After all, it isn’t rocket science that weight loss, better diets and being financially independent would be beneficial.  What isn’t beneficial is a series of self defeating, empty promises.

Instead of pledging to drop 50 unwanted pounds, let’s commit to exercise 3-4 times per week.  Instead of saving 50% of an already stretched budget, let’s not buy expensive coffee but once per week.  Instead of eliminating fast food, let’s commit to balanced home prepared meals  Monday through Friday and splurge one day of the weekend.

These more reasonable goals are not only obtainable, but most importantly sustainable.  Why?  Because they allow for us to be human.  Small steps consistently in the right direction will always get us closer to our goals.  Changing habits on a long term basis requires practical strategies and the ability to adjust as needed.

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