Putting out that Cigarette for Good

Congratulations to all the health seekers who have decided to quit smoking this year. Smoking is one habit that’s truly hard to shake but completely worth it.

Ask any former smoker for advice and this is what you might hear:

  • Avoid places that allow smoking.
  • Do not keep cigarettes in your house or car. Throw away your lighter.
  • Do not let anyone smoke in your home.
  • Ask others to not smoke around you.
  • Avoid alcohol because it might be difficult to control your urge to smoke.
  • Keep sugar-free gum or lollipops within reach.

Make a list of the top reasons you decided to quit smoking. Think about living longer for your family members, the amount of money you will save in health care costs and your quality of life. Think about your heart and your reduced risk of cancer. Pull out this list and read it whenever your craving hits.

Calculate how much money you regularly spent monthly on cigarettes. Take this amount and buy something for yourself after one month of being smoke-free.

Go out to dinner and order something tasty. Your renewed sense of taste may surprise you.

Make an appointment with your dental hygienist to remove tobacco stains. Enjoy your cleaner smile.

Wash all your clothes to remove the smell of smoke. Trust us, you’ll like what you don’t smell.

Begin a regular exercise program. Your lungs will thank you!

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