Sticks and Stones Aside, Reclast Protects

James Stark, MD, of Stark Oncology

James Stark, MD, of Stark Oncology

Nearly 50 percent of people over 65 have borderline deficient Vitamin D.
Without Vitamin D to activate calcium, bones become susceptible to bone
loss and fractures, typically issues for older women who have osteoporosis.
James Stark, MD, oncologist and hematologist at Stark Oncology in Suffolk, says that even though the Vitamin D we get from the sun can’t be entirely replicated, there are extra measures women can take to ensure they store up needed calcium to prevent bone loss.

Some drugs can be effective when taken once monthly, but Reclast infusions provide year-long protection from bone loss and fractures with a single infusion.

Reclast activates calcium in the bones just like Vitamin D, but works all year. The treatment originally served to prevent fractures in cancer patients who experienced a decrease in calcium levels, and has since been adjusted to suit patients with osteoporosis. Reclast treatment is currently offered at the Millie Lancaster Women’s Center.

“People think of bones as sticks, but they are active and working,” said Dr. Stark. “Reclast keeps them working and strong all year, so you’re protected regardless of how much – or how little – Vitamin D you get from the sun or from supplements.”

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