Why Bon Secours Liver Specialist Dr. Mitchell Shiffman Was Named One of Best Doctors in America

Dr. Michell Shiffman of Bon Secours' Liver Institute of Virginia

Dr. Michell Shiffman of Bon Secours' Liver Institute of Virginia

Mitchell L. Shiffman, MD, who heads the Liver Institute of Virginia, has been named by peer review as one of the Best Doctors in America®, placing him in the top five percent of specialists in the United States. Dr. Shiffman says, “It is nice to be recognized by my peers. It gives the Liver Institute of Virginia credibility nationally for providing outstanding care for liver disease.”

According to Dr. Shiffman, the treatment of liver disease is in great transition and tremendous strides have been made in the last twenty years. These advances have been made possible by pharmaceutical research and the willingness of physicians and patients be participate in clinical trials. He says, “In the nineties, there’re was very little treatment. Now we can treat, control or cure liver disease and safety perform liver transplants.” He emphasizes, “At the Liver Institute, we are always on the cutting edge and this is one of the reasons we are recognized as leaders in our field. Our relationships with pharmaceutical companies allow us to safely treat our patients with the newest drugs years before the drugs are widely available.”

Providing good patient care is another hallmark of a leader among peers. Dr. Shiffman points out that he and his staff at the Liver Institute of Virginia ensure the patients understand what their problems are, what the long-term ramifications are and what their treatment options are. He says, “We are team members with our patients. Many come in here afraid of what will happen to them. They leave much more upbeat because we help them understand that treatments are available and that they have our support.”

He provides three other points that characterize a leading specialist:

  • You are the go-to person. Other doctors send their patients to you.
  • You offer new and better treatments to the patient.
  • Your patients like coming to you because you help them understand.

Though it is not commonly known, high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure can lead to liver damage, according to Dr. Shiffman. The vast majority of liver disease has no early symptoms, so it’s important for people to understand the indications which are fatigue, association with a high-risk group and abnormal blood tests.

Dr. Shiffman is recognized as one of world’s leaders in the field of hepatology. His particular area of interest is viral hepatitis. He has been involved and directed numerous clinical trials to develop new and better treatments for viral hepatitis B and C. Dr. Shiffman is a regular speaker on the treatment of viral hepatitis, the management of various liver disorders and the treatment of liver cancer at regional, national and international society meetings. He has published more than 200 articles in medical journals related to the treatment of liver diseases and has edited two books on this topic. He is also a consultant to many pharmaceutical companies. In this role, he advises pharmaceutical companies how to better develop medications for the treatment of viral hepatitis and many other liver disorders.

Dr. Shiffman was selected for this prestigious honor by his peers through an exhaustive, biennial peer review survey of the medical profession. In the survey, Best Doctors contacts more than 5,000 doctors identified in previous research as the “best” in their specialties and asks, “If you or a loved one needed a doctor in your specialty, to whom would you refer them?” The survey uses a combination of high-technology methods and person-to-person telephone interviews to encourage more complete and candid responses.

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  3. Karyn Bolton

    Dear Dr, I am a 57 yr. female diagnosed with HCV 1B in 2004, I got pneumonia, for no reason, always lead a very active lifestyle, Married to a Chiropractor, started as a teen lifting weights etc. Hobbies: hunting all water sports, very hard working, and outdoor person. eating habits good, basically very healthy. At the time of I also was diagnosed w/ gall stones/had gallbladder removed. I had high liver enzymes, the surgeon (on her game) did a liver biopsy while she was in there , and found the HCV,I was then referred to a gastro, stated peg/ribovarin, in the beginning of 2005, I had very high iron levels, testing was performed for hemochomotosis, negative, treatment was started,no blood letting. I was very precise in every aspect of treatment. down to the time of day medication was taken, I did not not reach the expected load decrease at twelve weeks. It was slight. I was kept on treatment for a total of 46 weeks. Very ill reaction to medication.

    During this time, I had educated myself, fear was gone, I knew something was wrong. I went to see Dr. Gene Lesage, at the Texas Liver Center. He took me off treatment almost immediately and have since learned I never should have been put on treatment, Biopsy had slight bridging fibrosis. I was labeled a slow responder, that I know now no such thing and there is no available treatment for 1B. I have been sick for 6 yrs, severe fatigue, nausea, headaches, severe, severe pain in lower extremities. I am just sick all the time. I was not, before starting treatment except for getting the pneumonia.

    I used to be an exceptional multi-tasker, I am confused, and in bed most of the time. I will have good weeks, which I will overdue to catch up on my home gardening etc. I have worked with my husbands clinic as a manager from 1990. I have had to recently quit. I am so sick, and in such bad pain more days than not. I know something is progressing. I am so sick of being sick, i have no quality of life. I will have good days as of i was not ill at all, then I bomb. My family Dr. has been thru this whole nightmare with me. I am prescribed, xanex,for stress, Morphine for pain, time released. I am never completely pain free, it just makes it bearable. I went through several years, of insomnia, so I recently, started ambian, I had to get sleep. I really think it is strange I have such severe pain in my legs, from butt to feet. At times it’s off the 1-10 scale. And the fatigue. I can’t imagine living my the rest of my life like this. It has greatly effected my relationship with my husband, romantically. He has lost his best friend, and I never have the energy to play or do anything anymore. I have to do a chore, lay down, rest then another. I am desperately looking for someone who knows and has some answers for me, or is this it?

    My Dr. wants to send me to pain management, I know what that means and I have been resisting, but she says she has gone as far as her license allows. I do not want to be a drug zombie, I want my life back.

    Thank you Dr, for responding, if you can. I pray you have some answers for non-responders with no hope. I am not depressed, and do believe in miracles. I went from loving my life and full of fun to nothing.

    Thank you and bless you.
    Karyn Bolton
    Marble Falls,TX

    1. BSHR


      Thank you for sharing your story. Dr. Mitchell Shiffman of the Bon Secours Liver Institute of Virginia has responded to your comment in a new post about the complexities of treating some HCV cases.

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