Fear of the Rear: Why Americans are Forgoing Colonoscopies

Would you be surprised to hear that almost 70% of those aged 50 and older had not scheduled a colonoscopy due to fears about the procedure? Recently released findings from The Colon Cancer Alliance show that this statistic is more than a probability- it’s a reality.

A survey of 1,678 patients found that patients are not getting this important procedure because of misconceptions and fears about the procedure. The research hit upon some interesting statistics about patient perceptions of colonoscopies:

  • 60% of patients rely on the internet for information about colonoscopy screenings
  • 50% of those surveyed considered the colonoscopy procedure the easiest part of the experience
  • 60% of patients did not or don’t remember receiving materials about the process from their health care provider before their procedure

Ultimately, the best way to stop doubt and worry about colon cancer is not to avoid your colonoscopy- it’s to be seen. Colorectal cancer is the second most common and second most deadly form of cancer for U.S. adults. Everyone is at risk, though some are even more likely to develop cancer of the colon or rectum due to genetics or to lifestyle risk factors.

Call your primary care physician and make an appointment for your colonoscopy today.

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