Pregnancy & Diabetes: Risks Continue Years Later

Pregnancy or gestational diabetes is more than a temporary health condition that disappears at birth; “roughly half” of women who develop diabetes during their pregnancy develop Type 2 diabetes in the time after birth. But new research is showing that fewer than 20% of those with gestational diabetes schedules a diabetes follow-up test after childbirth.

Because so few mothers are making their checkups, The American Diabetes Association is making new recommendations about how pregnant women are tested. This way milder cases could be more easily diagnosed and treated before delivery.

The Center for Disease Control says that somewhere between 2-10% of pregnant women develop diabetes during their pregnancy. Risks that gestational diabetes can pose for pregnancy and childbirth can be c-section births, early deliveries, and preeclampsia. Research also suggests that gestational diabetes leads to an increased risk of obesity for the baby.

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