Reducing Screen Time to Reduce Weight

If your child needs help losing weight, try limiting the number of hours he or she spends playing video games or surfing the Internet. Health officials say children should only watch TV or use computers for two hours a day. They also need at least one hour of moderate exercise daily.

One thought on “Reducing Screen Time to Reduce Weight

  1. Monex

    ..NEW YORK AP Lets face it Teenagers spend hours texting socializing on Facebook and playing video games. Not to mention driving while texting shortened attention spans and Internet porn…But many of todays parents spent hours as kids sitting in front of screens too only they were TV screens…Which raises an interesting question Is Facebook really worse for teenagers brains than the mindless reruns of Gilligans Island and The Brady Bunch that their parents consumed growing up?..Douglas Gentile a child psychologist and associate professor at Iowa State University in Ames Iowa who studies the effects of media on children says texting Facebook and video games are not inherently bad.

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