“Fixed in a Jiffy”: The Jiffy Hip Replacement

hana_table_anterior_hip_surgery_jiffy_hip_replacement_Bon_Secours_Orthopaedic Institute

The Hana Table, used for Jiffy Hip Surgery

The revolution in minimally invasive orthopaedic surgery, practiced by several of the surgeons associated with the Bon Secours Orthopaedic Institute, includes the “jiffy hip” replacement, so named because patients are believed to recover more quickly than they do from traditional hip surgery.

The innovation that makes the jiffy hip surgery “new” is that the surgeon makes the hip replacement through a small incision from the front, or anterior view of the hip. Traditional methods enter from the rear or side of the hip, which often means cutting muscle and tendon. This anterior approach allows surgeons to remove the damaged hip joint by separating the muscles and ligaments instead of cutting through those structures.

Physicians perform this procedure using the Hana Table, a specialized orthopaedic device that allows the leg to be turned and rotated, displaying the hip so that the surgeon has the most complete view of its structure. In many cases, only a single, small incision is required, and is less disturbing to tissue and to the hip capsule. That is the reason for the quicker healing process. The length of the jiffy hip scar is 3-4 inches, compared to scar length of 10-12 inches when traditional techniques are used.

An experienced surgeon can perform these anterior hip procedures with remarkable speed. These operations typically take about 45 minutes. Mary Immaculate is the site for approximately 600 anterior hip procedures annually. Its orthopaedic care has won awards for excellence, including being ranked in the top 10 such programs in Virginia by HealthGrades, a leading independent health care rating organization. Dr. Anthony Carter, an Orthopaedic Surgeon who performs surgeries at Mary Immaculate Hospital was the first surgeon to perform the jiffy hip replacement in Virginia. He also practices jiffy hip resurfacing, and was the first surgeon to perform that procedure in Virginia.

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