Women’s Health: In Your 40’s

older couple exercisingWomen in their forties know their bodies. They are aware of what does and does not work for them. Now is the time to turn that health awareness into action. While every forty-something year old women should still be physically active, nutritionally smart, and knowledgeable about preventative screenings, they also need to be more proactive about testing.

Here are the tests and screenings that women in their forties should be aware of:

  • Skin
    – Annual mole and overall skin exam
    – Practice monthly self-exam on all moles
  • Heart
    – Cholesterol panel – total LDL, HDL, and triglycerides
    – Blood pressure – at least once every two years
  • Breast
    – Baseline mammogram – then every one to two years
  • Reproductive
    – Internal exam with Pap test – every one to three years with annual physicals
  • Bones
    – Bon density tests – talk to your health care provider
  • Eyes, Ears, and Teeth
    – Vision exam – every two to four years
    – Hearing exam – every ten years
    – Semiannual dental visits for exam and cleaning
  • General
    – Immunizations – Tetanus every ten years
    – Thyroid test – every five years
    – Diabetes check – fasting blood glucose, every three years

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