Lending an Extra Set of Hands in the OR

Christopher Walshe da Vinci surgical system Bon Secours Maryview robotic surgery minimally invasive surgery

Christopher Walshe, MD, with the da Vinci surgical system at Bon Secours Maryview

The da Vinci surgical system is lending an extra set of hands to surgeons at Bon Secours Maryview. The robotic surgery system can be used for a variety of surgeries, including gynecologic procedures. During robotic surgery, the surgeon sits at a control station and manipulates surgical instruments.

Christopher Walshe, MD, uro-gynecologic and pelvic reconstructive surgeon, is one of the surgeons who has undergone specialized training on da Vinci technology.

“There are some key benefits to robotic surgery,” said Dr. Walshe. “Surgeons have an increased range of motion, better visualization and enhanced precision.”

da Vinci surgical system minimally invasive gynecologic surgery pelvic floor surgery hysterectomies

da Vinci surgical system

The minimally invasive approach can result in less pain and blood loss for patients, with shorter recovery times. Dr. Walshe recommends robotic surgery when it is the least invasive option. Gynecological surgeries that are best performed with robotic surgeries are pelvic floor surgeries and complicated hysterectomies.

“It’s about what’s right for the patient,” said Dr. Walshe. “Robotic approaches are another option available at Bon Secours Maryview that allows the surgical team to tailor the surgery based on each patient’s need.”

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