Rediscovering Your World: Digital Hearing Aids

older couple exercisingThe latest digital hearing aids don’t just amplify every noise in a crowded room. For those with sensory neural hearing loss that can come with age or just living with loud noise, digital hearing aids are offering individual wearers even more control over sound clarity and word recognition.

Fred Lassen, MD, FACS and Otolaryngologist with the Mid-Atlantic Hearing and Balance Center agrees, “Digital technology can be processed to filter out background noise and filter out feedback, but they can also be programmed to focus in on individual people talking to you.” Technology is so advanced that hearing aids sport new features like automatic volume controls, impact noise elimination for hunters, and wind noise elimination technology for golfers. These controls can  enable a hearing aid wearer to feel more comfortable and have a better overall sound quality in different sound environments. “Bottom line,” says Dr. Lassen, “it ain’t your grandmother’s hearing aide. The world really opens up.”

If you suspect you may have a hearing loss there are many causes and many different solutions,  including these new digital hearing aides. Symptoms of hearing loss or hearing problems may include:

  • Acoustic Neurinoma
  • Autoimmune inner ear disease
  • Cholesteatoma
  • Ringing in the ears (Tinnitus)
  • Complete loss of hearing in one or both ears caused by aging, head trauma, disease or infection.
  • Localizing sound in a crowded environment with significant background noise.

As always it’s best to be examined by your primary care physician or an experienced oopthamologist.

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