Complementary Cancer Therapies

April is the beginning of National Cancer Control Month. High-tech therapies are vital in cancer care. Bon Secours is committed to healing the whole person – physically, mentally, and emotionally. There’s an important role to be played by complementary methods of treatment, such as massage therapy, acupuncture, pet therapy and lymphatic drainage massage. For many people diagnosed with cancer, complementary medicine has helped to relieve symptoms, ease the side effects of treatment, and improve their quality of life.

Bon Secours is committed to providing the most proven techniques to our cancer patients, such as healing touch, which uses touch to influence the human energy system. This non-invasive therapy uses a light touch, or a near-touch, to clear, energize, and balance the body’s energy fields and centers. It can benefit a patient’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Patients have reported reduced pain and stress, better sleep and feelings of greater self-worth. During healing touch sessions, nurses provide aromatherapy and music therapy.

In another type of complementary therapy – lymphedema therapy – specific, light touches are used to stimulate the responses of the body’s natural lymphatic system. The lymphatic system cleanses the body of toxins, and this therapy helps to reduce painful swelling that can hinder healing. The lymphatic system can function better to allow patients to feel better faster and heal more quickly.

If you would like to try complementary therapies, it’s important to talk to your primary care doctor about it. Your doctor wants to make sure you get the quality care you deserve. Coordination between all the doctors and practitioners you see helps to make sure you get the best care possible.

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