Refinements in Knee Replacement Surgery

older couple exercisingRefinements in knee replacement surgery have led to a partial knee replacement that works for most patients. Dr. Aaron Marlow, an Orthopaedic Surgeon with Virginia Orthopaedic & Spine Specialists describes the procedure as less-invasive and more comfortable than other options.

“In 30-40% of knee replacement patients the outside, or lateral side, of the knee doesn’t have arthritis in it,” Dr. Marlow says, “so this procedure takes 50% less bone away than you would see in a full knee replacement by replacing the inside part of the knee in the knee cap.”

Not only does the procedure cut bone loss by 50%, it is less invasive which means that patients recover faster. “It’s more of a resurfacing procedure than a replacement,” Dr. Marlow explains, “we do it through a smaller incision and maintain the inner workings of the joint so the patient experiences a much more normal feeling.” Perhaps most importantly, the hospital stay is cut in half meaning patients can be out of their bed and back to living an active lifestyle much faster.

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