Surgical Options for the Morbidly Obese

The Lap Band® is being hailed as an alternative to conventional gastric bypass surgery that may be a better way for some patients to lose that unhealthy weight.

Greg Adams, MD, FACS, a Bariatric Surgeon with the Bon Secours Surgical Weight Loss Center describes the Lap Band® as “a very good procedure for a large percentage of the patients who are trying to lose weight and are morbidly obese and qualify for surgical weight loss.” During the procedure, Dr. Adams wraps an inflatable plastic cuff around the very top portion of the stomach so that the band can be used to “compress how fast food can come through that top portion of the stomach and restrict how much food that patient can eat.”

The ring – or band – is connected by thin tubing to an access port just beneath the skin’s surface. Through this port, the surgeon adjusts the fit of the Lap Band® by inflating or deflating its inner lining with saline solution. A patient’s stomach capacity is greatly reduced; you feel full sooner and stay full longer, so you eat less. With gastric banding, most patients experience an average weight loss of one to two pounds per week until their goal weight is met.

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