Future CEO’s: A 21st Century Business Portal

A “portal” is nothing more than a high-tech way of saying opportunity or entry way to the future. Bon Secours and Operation Blessing International opened a door to the future for 17 young adults as they launched the 2nd “Future CEOs” program in March of this year.

Jamila Zimmerman, Future CEO student

Jamila Zimmerman, Future CEO student

“Future CEOs” is a program designed to teach inner-city young adults how to be the next generation of entrepreneurs and CEOs. By teaching students how to start their own business using the internet as their marketplace, and giving them the confidence and skills to step into 21st century business, Future CEOs students gain a real competitive advantage. Rudy White, Health & Wellness Coordinator with Bon Secours Hampton Roads and Jolynn Turner, National Volunteer & U.S. Programs Manager with Operation Blessing International headed up this year’s class, with a total of 17 students. “This was a great opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of these students and in the community,” said Jolynne Turner.

A very important component of the twelve-week course is the Fill-A-Bag program which is used to collect items that could be sold on eBay. The items are donated by people like you who have a heart to help others succeed right here in Hampton Roads. This program only works because of your support and the many generous donations given to help these students succeed.
“We have some very smart and motivated students,” says Joanne Merinar, Health & Wellness Coordinator with Bon Secours Hampton Roads. “They are dedicated and determined to succeed, and I look forward to watching them become the business leaders of the future.” With two classes completed there are now plans to expand this beneficial program to other states.

If you would like to donate items for the Future CEOs program, or for more information, contact Rudy White at 886-6464.

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