Caregivers Are Also Advocates

As chief nurse executive and vice president of patient care at Bon Secours Maryview, Lesia Douglas, RN, is responsible for the patient experience. Douglas says her personal goal is to deliver the highest quality care with efficiency.

“Nursing is a science and an art,” said Douglas. “Clinical excellence must be achieved through processes in care, and also requires nurses to be attentive to patient needs.”

According to Douglas, one of the best approaches to nursing is being in the moment. When nurses stay engaged with the patient, they provide the best care and create a personalized experience. “Nurses are experts, caregivers and also advocates,” said Douglas. “I ask my nurses to care for patients as if they are the family member they love most. That’s the kind of intensity and passion for nursing I expect.”

Strategies like these, alongside process improvement, make a difference for patients. Bon Secours Maryview has rates of falls, infections and mortality well below the national average for hospitals in the U.S.

Highly-trained nurses also contribute to better patient outcomes. Currently, Bon Secours Maryview has a high percentage of certified nurses compared with the national average. Many are currently pursuing additional education and certifications. “Leadership in nursing is important because nurses are with patients from the moment they enter the hospital,” Douglas said. “When we showcase the highest level of training, caring and passion, care goes beyond satisfactory. It’s exceptional.”

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