Choosing the Right Primary Care

Even if you’re in the care of a Bon Secours physician specialist for a particular issue, it’s always a good idea to create a strong relationship with a Primary Care doctor to ensure that your care is the most cohesive and comprehensive. The challenge for many Hampton Roads patients is creating a criteria to use when building your health care team. Here are some tips for choosing the best Primary Care doctor:

1. Make a Wish List and Treat it Like a Must Have List.
Obviously, you’ll want a primary care physician that is well educated and trained in a strong program. A good competitive program that has a great reputation probably graduates some strong physicians. You should also look for Board Certifications in your specific needs such as internal medicine, family practice or geriatrics. These specializations will give your Primary Care physician the edge when it comes to coordinating your care.

2. Make Sure You’re On the Same Page
Bedside manner is more than just a kind demeanor. Your doctor should communicate with you in a way that makes you feel comfortable and clear about your next steps. You and your primary care physician need to be of the same mind about traditional and alternative medicines. Most importantly, you should know where your doctor will refer you should you need hospital services or hospitalization.

3. Scout Out the Location
Comfort with your primary care physician starts before you walk in the door. If the primary care location isn’t pleasant looking, well maintained, clean and safe, no amount of conversation is going to make you feel better. If you have doubts, keep looking. Your gut instincts are probably correct.

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