System-Wide Stroke Certification Benefits All

When every second counts, Bon Secours Virginia Neurosciences Institute is ready with the largest certified stroke center network in the state.

Now with nearly all Bon Secours Virginia hospitals certified through the Joint Commission’s Primary Stroke Center program, staff and physicians can more quickly identify and treat patients with acute stroke symptoms. That’s essential, because for every second during a stroke, 32,000 brain cells are lost.

“That’s the crucial piece of the whole puzzle — recognizing that something is not right and getting to the nearest Certified Primary Stroke Center immediately. There is a short time frame where we can provide treatment to open the blocked artery,” said Kimberly Pinna, RN, Neuroscience Coordinator for Bon Secours Memorial Regional Medical Center and Richmond Community Hospital.

The Joint Commission’s program recognizes centers that provide exceptional care and outcomes for stroke survivors. Dr. Timothy Shephard, Vice President, Bon Secours Neuroscience Institute, saw the potential in Bon Secours Virginia developing a statewide stroke network. His vision is an integrated system with all stroke centers functioning together.

“No matter which facility the patient goes to, they’re receiving the same excellent standard of care required by The Joint Commission,” said Pinna.

Bon Secours Virginia has seven certified Primary Stroke Centers and all BSV facilities will be certified by the end of the year.

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