Childhood Dreams Renewed at 52

Sister of Bon Secours

Resident Gertrude Paul, resident John Faulcon, and Sister Christine

When she was three years old, her mother told her that to play the church organ, she would have to become a nun. That’s all Christine Webb needed to know – from that day on, she knew she would become a sister.

And she did, at age 52.

While most women enter the religious life by their early 20s, Sister Christine suffered from juvenile diabetes. During the 1970s, doctors believed children with diabetes would involve challenges that would have impacted Sister Christine’s ability to serve. Instead of becoming a sister, she became a medical lab technologist at Roper St. Francis Hospital in Charleston, where she worked for 24 years. Finally at age 52, no longer married and with two adult sons, she pursued her dream to become a sister.

“My decision did not surprise my family,” Sister Christine said. “I followed my spiritual calling to Bon Secours, where I can give back to my community. It’s never too late to have a new beginning.”

Sister Christine now works as a chaplain at Province Place of Maryview.

She never played the organ in church, but she does play guitar.

Becoming a Sister of Bon Secours is a commitment to ministry and community. To learn more about religious vocation, call Sister Patricia Dowling at 877-742-0277.

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