Finding the Right Doctor for Your Family

Few choices are as significant as selecting a physician. Hiring a new doctor means entrusting them with your health and often the health of your family. Jess Madden recently wrote an article on “Hiring Dr. Right” for The Health Journal. Madden’s advice includes:

  • Write out a list of potential candidates from a local directory or from any referrals made by friends and neighbors. Then call each office and ask about their physicians’ training and education.
  • Make a list of traits you’re looking for. Do you prefer a male or female doctor? How far will you drive for an appointment?
  • Determine what kind of doctor you’re looking for. Do you want a family or general practitioner?
  • Ask for referrals. Ask around and see who your family, friends, and coworkers recommend.
  • Ask plenty of questions. Don’t be afraid to ask about insurance, Medicare, and a physician’s experience treating any chronic conditions you may have.
  • Don’t wait until you need a doctor to start looking for one. The last thing you want is to be sick and still scoping our potential candidates.

Start your search for a family doctor, internist or OB/GYN today!

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