First Graduate of Bon Secours Weight Loss Institute Celebrates Pounds Lost

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Pam Phillips, vice president of mission for Bon Secours DePaul and Bon Secours Maryview

Pam Phillips was tired of being overweight, in the literal sense.

“I was always exhausted,” said Phillips. “I had back pain, asthma, knee pain and acid reflux. My cholesterol was high, and I was pre-diabetic.”

For Phillips, being pre-diabetic was the last straw. She went to the Bon Secours Weight Loss Institute for help and participated in the medically-supervised weight loss program. It follows structured phases of dieting and exercise that help guide patients to make independent health decisions.

“The program is about weight maintenance,” said Phillip Snider, DO, of Amelia Medical Associates. “The objective is to change lifestyle behaviors instead of focusing on short-term weight loss.”

Of the 70 pounds she aimed to lose, Phillips lost more than 60 in eight months. Her results are about more than the weight: she has no joint pain or asthma, and she is no longer pre-diabetic. Phillips is now in the final stage of the program, and will be among the first to graduate. Her husband, who joined the program in November, is not far behind.

“Dr. Snider told me to engage in the activities that I love in order to stick with exercising,” Phillips said. “I love to bike, and I love to swim. Most of all, I love that I’m no longer standing on the sidelines.”

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