Stand Up! Why Sitting May Be Killing You…

Bon_Secours_Sleep_Centers_Sleep_Disorders_Treatment_Sleep_ApneaMore and more studies are showing that our sedentary office jobs are detrimental to our health. According to a recent NPR article on sitting all day, even those of us who are active outside of the office may be suffering from a sedentary job. “Let’s say you do 30 minutes of walking five days a week (as recommended by federal health officials), and let’s say you sleep for eight hours,” Epidemiologist Steven Blair says. “Well, that still leaves 15.5 hours” in the day.

Recent research conducted by the University of South Carolina calculated the time men spent engaging in sedentary activities and found that men who reported more than 23 hours a week of sedentary activity had a 64 percent greater risk of dying from heart disease than those who reported less than 11 hours a week of sedentary activity.

The amount of sitting you do can also raise your cholesterol, blood sugar, triglycerides and even waist size, increasing your risk of diabetes, heart disease and a number of health problems.

Cynthia Simmons, a Bon Secours In Motion physical therapist who specializes in workplace ergonomics, says that many workers can avoid these negative repercussions by simply getting up and moving during the day. By breaking long periods of inactivity with stretching and movement, individuals allow their muslces to wake up and stretch. In fact these brief breaks throughout the day can lower triglyceride levels, cholesterol, and waist size.

+ Get active outside of the office with a physical fitness routine tailored to your needs.
+ Find a physical therapist to improve your workplace ergonomics.

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