Study Examines Antidepressants and Autism Risk

Moms-to-be will want to carefully consider the risks and benefits to taking antidepressants while pregnant.

A new, small study raises concerns that taking selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors can increase the likelihood of having a child diagnosed with autism, a developmental disorder.

Researchers at Kaiser Permanente, a nonprofit health plan, said it’s too preliminary to say the drugs cause autism but further study is warranted. They also note that untreated depression can affect pregnancy as well such as preterm birth. Always consult your doctor for medical questions.

2 thoughts on “Study Examines Antidepressants and Autism Risk

  1. Cordelia Hanley

    I have heard of a lawyer taking cases down in the Houston area regarding autism and antidepressant use. His name is Chad Pinkerton. Has anyone else heard or seen any websites related to this matter?

    1. BSHR


      We haven’t heard about Mr. Pinkerton, but there may not be much awareness of his work in Texas yet here in Virginia. Are there any cases circulating in the Hampton Roads area we should know about?

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