How to Manage (and Avoid) Gestational Diabetes

Dr. Craig Ruetzel, an ob/gyn with Hampton Roads OB/GYN Center, recently joined WAVY news to discuss gestational diabetes. As more and more women are diagnosed with this risky condition during pregnancy, it’s important to understand the root causes of gestational diabetes, the treatment options, and the importance of regular visits to an ob/gyn for prenatal care.

In terms of prenatal care, women can do many things before and during early pregnancy to avoid gestational diabetes. Being on an exercise program and maintaining a healthy weight before pregnancy significantly lowers your risk of this condition. Dr. Ruetzel recommends that women visit their ob/gyn before becoming pregnant to ensure that their health is good before conceiving: “You have to give women a hint of what can develop if they don’t maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle before pregnancy.”

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