Waking Up to High Cost of Insomnia

Bon_Secours_Sleep_Centers_Sleep_Disorders_Treatment_Sleep_ApneaNew research claims that lost sleep costs the average American worker $2,280 and the nation $63.2 billion annually.

The study, which analyzed information about sleep habits and work performance, showed that over 23% of the participants had insomnia, difficulty falling or staying asleep. Older workers had lower insomnia rates and so did men. Interestingly, researchers also found that insomnia rates were higher for college graduates.

Perhaps the most important clinical findings of this study address how undervalued sleep is in the United States. Americans are not missing work due to a lack of sleep; they’re just not accomplishing as much when they’re in the office. Experts worry that insomnia may have a greater impact on economic productivity than any other health condition.

Often, because it is not related to missed working hours, many employers don’t pay attention to the negative effects of insomnia on workers. Researchers hope that the high cost of insomnia identified in this study will spur employers to take insomnia and other disruptive sleep disorders more seriously.

The cost of treating insomnia can range anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to well over a thousand.

If you suspect that your or a loved one may be suffering from a sleep disorder, like insomnia, ask your primary care physician for a referral to a sleep disorders lab or a sleep specialist in your area.

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Source: “High Cost of Insomnia May Be a Wake-Up Call” USA Today

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