Helipad Safety Measures

Bon Secours DePaul Medical Center has opened a new, fully functional helipad in the parking lot next to the emergency department off Granby Street. Because the helipad is active 24 hours a day, some patients have expressed concern about the new area near the emergency entrance. In response to their concerns, our emergency department has developed a safety brief on how to remain safe around the helipad.

First of all, patients, hospital visitors, and staff members should stay out of the helipad at all times and always obey the emergency department staff and security directions when there is a helicopter in and outbound. To avoid injury to your person or damage, please follow these helipad safety do’s and don’ts:

  • Do not enter the helipad area.
  • Do not park near the helipad area, your car may be damaged by debris.
  • Do not approach a helicopter, even if you think it is not in operation.
  • Do not for any reason run around a helicopter on the helipad.
  • Do not wear a hat near the helipad area, this could be hazardous when a flight comes in.
  • Do not be a spectator, this could delay treatment to our patients.
  • Do adhere to all posted warning signs.
  • Do follow instructions from security, emergency department personnel, and the flight crew.
  • Do stay clear of crew and staff during helicopter arrival and departure.
  • Do respect the helipad area at all times.
  • Do stay clear of the rear of a helicopter – this could be fatal if not followed.

More questions or concerns? Call our Bon Secours CARE line directly at 889-2273!

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