Inspired Physician Leads Bon Secours’ Growing Neurovascular Program

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John R. Baker, MD, PhD, in the new $4 million state-of-the-art neuroendovascular procedure suite at Bon Secours DePaul Medical Center in Norfolk, Va.

As John Baker, the medical student, watched a young mother’s surgery, he discovered what would become his life’s work.

The woman, who was pregnant with her second child, had flown from Colorado to Boston with her toddler on her lap. Upon landing, she stood and collapsed. A blood clot had formed in her leg and traveled to her brain.

“She woke up, recuperated and got to be a mom again,” the now Dr. Baker said. “I thought, ‘Of all the things I could do, this is pretty amazing.’”

It’s been years since he watched that surgery in Boston, yet he’s even more passionate about his work now. Of his and his wife’s eight grandparents, Baker said, three of them suffered strokes. The care he saw for his family and that young mom is what he brings to Hampton Roads.

This summer, Baker became medical director of the Neurovascular Center and Neuroscience ICU at Bon Secours DePaul Medical Center. The new Neurovascular Suite is one of the country’s most advanced and includes fully integrated, state-of-the- art technology.

“I had the best medical experience of my life with my procedure, from my first office visit to the finish. I was nervous about everything but everyone took extra time to listen to me and take care of me.” — recent Neurovascular Center patient

Three of Bon Secours’ four facilities are primary stroke centers, with Bon Secours Mary Immaculate working toward certification. Additionally, Bon Secours is combating the nation’s fourth-leading cause of death by becoming a comprehensive care center.

“Becoming a comprehensive stroke center, Bon Secours can offer more services, extend the treatment window and help reduce complications for patients,” said Stroke Coordinator Corinna Brander.

Baker agreed. “Our goal is to advance the level of care for people in Hampton Roads and northern North Carolina. Market analysis has revealed a need for these comprehensive services, and Bon Secours is putting forth the resources to provide this care to our community.”

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