More Young Athletes Suffering from Knee Injuries

Bon Secours Hampton Roads Sports Medicine, Orthopaedic Institute, athletic injury, sports performance, fall sports, concussionResearchers from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia found a more than 400% jump in knee injuries in young people treated at their facility in the past decade. Their findings offer a glimpse at just how many more children and teens are being treated for ACL, meniscus tears and other sports-related knee injuries.

While it’s unclear exactly why sports-related knee injuries are occurring more often in children and teens, experts speculate that the surge in high-level, sports specialization may be to blame. As young children begin to specialize in sports and participate in the same activity year-round they become more vulnerable to overuse and stress injuries. Because recovering from these injuries can be lengthy and difficult for children, young athletes may also be increase their chances of re-injury by attempting to return to their sport with the same intensity.

It’s important to remember that these dramatic knee injuries can be even more damaging on young bodies.

Researchers suspect that more youth sports participation, better diagnostic methods, earlier doctor referral, and more aggressive treatment are also playing a role in the increased numbers. However, sports-injury prevention programs can make a big difference in teaching young athletes how to spot, avoid, and prevent these injuries.

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Source: “Knee Injuries on the Rise Among Young Athletes”

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