Tips for Keeping Pets Safe During Halloween

Halloween is a lot of fun for parents and children, but the tricks and treats we love most about this holiday may also post a threat to your family pet. So here are a few tips to help keep your furry family member safe and healthy without sacrificing any spooky festivities:

  1. Keep an Eye on the Candy
    The toxic effect of treats like chocolate on pets can be toxic and highly damaging – resulting in heart failure or cardiac arrest. Many sugar free candies contain xylitol, which is also very harmful to pets. Even candy wrappers can pose a choking threat to dogs, and make cause intestinal blockages. Keep candy and candy wrappers out of your pet’s reach to ensure their stick to their “treats” and stay away from yours!
  2. Watch the Door
    Next to the Fourth of July, Halloween night is the most popular holiday for lost pets. With the door opening and closing through the night and a constant flow of visitors you may want to make sure your pet stays on a leash or in a secured room away from the door during the peak trick-or-treating hours. Don’t take pets with you during your trick-or-treating; the costumes and hubbub may make them anxious.
  3. Select Costumes Wisely
    Many pet owners want their animals to get in the spooky spirit with them by donning a Halloween costume. Costumes are great so long as the pets are able to move freely and there are no choking risks. The American Veterinary Medical Association says costumes also shouldn’t interfere with breathing, hearing or opening the mouth. They also recommend that pet owners get their pets accustomed to wearing a costume before the holiday.

Have a safe and fun Halloween night!

Source: “How to Make Halloween Safe for Pets”

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