Escape Unhealthy Habits at the Thanksgiving Table

Keeping track of caloriesThanksgiving can lead to a negative cycle of over-eating, sugary meals, and over-indulgence. Stop your unhealthy habits before they even begin by establishing new, more health-conscious habits on Turkey Day. How? Here are our suggestions:

  1. Break Down Your Eating Habits
    Are you eating leafy greens? Fruits and vegetables? Is there color on your plate? Make sure you include vegetables with your protein and carbs.
  2. Prepare Healthier Alternatives
    Try substituting herbs for butter to cut out unnecessary fat. You don’t have to deny yourself a Thanksgiving treat – just adjust it to minimize unhealthy fats and calories.
  3. Prepare Fewer Sides
    If you only prepare five dishes instead of the usual ten you may be less tempted to overeat. Eating fewer dishes can also focus your attention on the plate and help you determine when your full – instead of pushing through the entire buffet only to realize you were full two plates ago.

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