The Not-So-Secret Secret To Avoiding Over-Eating

Homemade holiday treatsIf there’s one time of year when we are more prone to overeating it is definitely the winter holidays. Tables, office kitchens, and the seasonal parties are marked by huge amounts of sugary desserts and high calorie dishes. More often than not we take leave of our better judgement and succumb to our cravings for these unhealthy foods.

So how do you avoid the holiday overeating? Two words: portion control. Instead of cutting your favorite snacks out of your life completely, our registered dietitians at Bon Secours In Motion, suggest using portion control strategies to manage and maintain your weight through the new year.

Eating much smaller portions is relatively easy (compared to steeling yourself against the buffet table) and can go a long way in staying healthy. Our four tips for keeping your portions within reason are:

  1. Use a small plate when eating rich foods. If you have to make a second trip to the dessert buffet, you may be disinclined to reach for that second piece of pie.
  2. Instead of eating large amounts of food just taste a little bit of everything. The variety will prevent you from feeling deprived.
  3. Increase your metabolism by eating in small bites and by eating five to six times a day. Eating this way keeps your metabolism going, which will also help you burn calories faster.
  4. Eating slower can also have an impact on how much food is consumed. It takes the body 20 minutes to recognize it is full, so chewing a little while longer can help you pinpoint when you should stop eating.

“You do not have to restrict yourself, just do everything in moderation this Christmas.”

Source: The Tribune, “Holiday Eating Strategies”

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