Expecting? Love and Learn with Bon Secours

More women discover they’re pregnant in the winter months. That’s confirmed by an annual “baby boomlet”  that occurs August through November of each year.

If you or someone you love is expecting, check out Bon Secours’ “Love and Learn” classes. Most of the classes are absolutely free and delivery at a Bon Secours hospital in Hampton Roads isn’t required to attend. Topics are presented in dozens of classes, covering everything from prenatal massage and breastfeeding to hypnobirthing and doulas.

Top Class Choices for New Parents:

Top Choices for Second-Time Parents & Beyond:

And Bon Secours, Love and Learn doesn’t just offer classes. We offer the opportunity to connect expecting families with many local experts, including service providers, and support groups and encourage parents to compare many terrific options for prenatal fitness, birth, and parenting with one-on-one, direct conversations. Our events also include birthing center tours of our birthing facilities in Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Newport News, for first-time and repeat parents.

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