Faulty Hip Replacements Lead to Early Replacements

Metal on metal hips were supposed to be more durable for active, younger patients who wanted to delay another hip replacement surgery for a couple of decades. Unfortunately, after surgery normal wear and tear on the joint cause the metal parts to chaff releasing tiny traces of cobalt and chromium into recipients’ bloodstream…

DePuy Orthopedics, the Johnson & Johnson company that manufactured the now-recalled hips, has released a statement claiming that the company is working with its patients and insurers to help cover the cost of the recall.

Starting last year, thousands of these metal on metal hip replacements have been recalled as patients complained of joint pain and numbness in the hip. Now many of those individuals will be facing the replacement hip surgery they were hoping to avoid in the first place.

According to research about 250,000 Americans undergo hip surgery each year. For those considering a joint replacement surgery, our orthopaedic experts recommend that patients don’t leap at the latest new invention, but instead consult with your orthopaedic surgeon about using an implant that has a demonstrated record of safety.

ASR patients should contact the ASR Help Line at 1-888-627-2677 for help determining how to proceed with their implant. Are you experiencing joint pain? Considering a hip replacement surgery? Contact an expert orthopaedic specialist to learn more about what procedure may be right for you!

Source: Kare11, “Recalled hips lead to early replacements”

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