5 Baby Registry “Must-Haves”

pregnancy, childbirth, Bon Secours Hampton Roads, The Mary Immaculate Birthplace, The Midwifery Center at DePaul, The Maryview Family Birth Center, The DePaul Center for BirthWith so many options available to new parents today it can be difficult to separate necessities from over-priced junk.

When you’re composing your baby registry you’ll make important decisions about diapers (cloth vs. disposable), feeding (breast or formula), and sleeping arrangements (co-sleeping vs. crib). Is it going to be cloth or disposable diapers? Are you going to breastfeed or use formula? Are you going to try your hand at co-sleeping or use a crib? The process is often overwhelming and exhausting.

To help, here’s an abridged list from Pregnancy.org’s expert staff and contributors about which items are most essential during those crucial first few months:

  1. Diapers, Diapers, Diapers
    You’ll need a lot of these! Whether you choose disposable or cloth, baby diapers will be an invaluable stock item – you’ll want to have a stockpile on hand. Be sure to specify which kind of diapers you prefer when you register or list the request.
  2. Baby Wrap or Carrier
    If you asked a lot of moms “What’s the one baby gadget you would want if you were stranded on a desert island?” many would answer with a resounding chorus of “baby sling!” Slings give exhausted arms and backs a bit of a break and can be a godsend for those managing fussy or colicky babies. Plus, free arms and hands can let you tackle another task while soothing the little one.
  3. Sound Machine
    This little piece of equipment can be used to muffle or block traffic sounds, doorbells, and voices that sometimes wake newborns from a peaceful slumber. Take our advice and invest in one of these; you’ll find that nap times go a lot smoother and last a lot longer.
  4. Swaddling Blankets
    A snug and properly wrapped swaddling blanket helps soothe your baby and encourage rest. Studies show that swaddling helps babies sleep longer, which means they’ll help new parents rest a bit easier too!
  5. Breastfeeding Pillow
    For those moms who are planning on breastfeeding a pillow can provide much needed support and comfort to mom and baby. Hunching over to feed your little one can be a pain in the butt (literally!), so a nursing pillow to position the baby is a back-saver.

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Source: Pregnancy.org “Top 10 Baby Registry Must-Haves”

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