What are Hospitalists?

Some of the most common questions we hear are about specific care team members and their roles. Today, we’re clarifying the role and responsibilities of hospitalists.

Hospitalists are physicians available 24 hours per day to collaborate with a patient’s primary care physician and manage the hospital admission. Hospitalists provide special inpatient expertise and enhance quality of care. If a patient needs inpatient care but does not have a primary care physician, a hospitalist will admit the patient and manage his or her care while hospitalized.

There are a number of benefits to hospitalists. The most important one is that, because they do not see patients on an outpatient basis, hospitalists are able to focus their attention on caring for patients throughout their hospital stay. This leads to a better continuum of care and increases a patient’s safety and comfort.

After discharge, patients are released to continue their care with their own primary care physician.

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