Chronic Disease is Crippling the United States

physical therapist, physical therapy, back pain, spine pain, back health, spine health, posture, spine surgery, back surgery, neurosurgery, orthopaedic surgery, physical therapy consultationAccording to a new report released by the Institute of Medicine, nine chronic conditions dominate the U.S. medical landscape and account for billions of dollars in annual health care spending. In fact, approximately 133 million U.S. residents have a chronic disease, and $1.5 trillion are spent annually to treat these chronic condition patients.

According to the report, the “big nine” chronic conditions are:

    1. Arthritis (affects 50 million U.S. adults)
    2. Cancer survivorship (12 million)
    3. Chronic pain (116 million)
    4. Dementia (5.4 million)
    5. Depression (20.3 million)
    6. Type 2 diabetes (25.6 million)
    7. Post-traumatic disability
    8. Schizophrenia (2 million)
    9. Hearing and vision loss (34 million and 25 million)

      If you or someone you love is suffering from a chronic condition, schedule an appointment with your primary care physician to get a physical. You should meet with your physician at least once a year for a health physical and to review any concerns you have about treatment. Moreover, your doctor should regularly evaluation your history to ensure that you are receiving the best outcomes for your treatment. No doctor? Contact the Bon Secours CARE Line at (757) 889-2273 for help getting in touch with a Hampton Roads physician.

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