Lack of Sunlight May Raise Stroke Risk

Winter sun raysIt may be harder to get on dark wintery days, but sunlight is associated with health benefits including regular digestion and improved mental health. Now preliminary research suggests that sun exposure might also play an essential role in determining your stroke risk.

To explore the possible connection between sun and stroke, the study authors analyzed data roughly 16,500 participants, none of whom had a history of stroke or heart disease at the time they enrolled in the study, between 2003 and 2007. The study subject all underwent physical exams and completes questionnaires on their medical history.

The result showed that those in the bottom half of the sun exposure range faced a 1.6 times greater risk for experiencing a stroke than those in the top half. There was also evidence that participants living in colder climates had a higher risk for stroke.

This information joins another new study that shows individuals who consume more dietary vitamin D, a vitamin which is generated in your skin by sunlight, have over a 10% lower risk of stroke.

While there seems to be an association between sun exposure and decreased stroke risk, experts warn that more work needs to be done to determine the exact nature of the sunlight-stroke relationship.

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