New Scanner at Bon Secours Mary Immaculate Hospital Combines High-Quality Diagnostic Images with Patient Comfort

GE Infinia Hawkeye 4 imaging system (courtesy of GE).

GE Infinia Hawkeye 4 imaging system (courtesy of GE).

A nuclear scanner at Bon Secours Mary Immaculate Hospital has been installed to provide high-quality images for physicians to quickly and accurately diagnose heart disease and cancer – with optimized X-ray dose.

The Infinia™ Hawkeye™ 4 nuclear system gives doctors information about both the nature and the precise location of disease, all in a single exam that is quick and comfortable for patients.

“This is the latest advancement in hybrid scanners, which combine nuclear imaging with computed tomography (CT),” said Patricia L. Robertson, CEO, Bon Secours Mary Immaculate Hospital and Extended Care for Bon Secours Virginia. “It provides sharp, high-quality images that help our doctors make confident diagnoses. It’s a big step forward in diagnostic confidence and patient comfort.”

Doctors use the scanner to diagnose heart disease and identify and locate cancerous tumors. Before the scan, the patient is injected with a safe radioactive substance, which travels in the bloodstream. During the exam, a detector records the radioactive emissions, and the CT scanner takes pictures of the person’s anatomy.  Images from heart exams help doctors locate areas where the heart muscle is not receiving enough blood. Images from cancer exams show doctors the exact location of active tumors so that they can effectively plan surgery or other treatments.

Bon Secours is pleased to bring this new technology to our community,” said Robertson. “It is part of our commitment to providing high-quality patient care and to bringing good help to those we serve.”

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