Remember to Pee During the Super Bowl

Methodist Hospital in Houston has a Super Bowl Game Day message for all the big game watchers this weekend: stay safe and remember to pee.

After the hospital put out a list of warnings for what to do to stay healthy during the Super Bowl, it has gained some notoriety for one of its recommendations. While avoiding drinking and driving is on the list of warnings, the hospital went a step further in warning fans about the dangers of drinking and not heading to the restroom.

“During most sporting events people will get up and use the restroom during the commercials and not have any problem,” said Dr. Jeff Kalina, associate medical director of emergency medicine at Methodist. “However, most of the time the commercials are the best part of the Super Bowl, so we have seen people who have to come in and have a catheter put in to relieve themselves.”

By failing to go to the bathroom, the hospital notes that individuals put themselves at risk for a problem called “urinary retention,” in which the bladder gets so full that the muscles are not strong enough to relieve themselves.

Non-peeing is only one of the health risks, Methodist pointed out on game day. Other health concerns included drunk driving and digestive problems stemming from a mix of alcohol and junk food.

Source: Houston Press “Remember to Pee During the Super Bowl, Methodist Hospital Somehow Warns”

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