Tail-Wagging Advice for Moms-To-Be

One of the biggest worries of women when they are pregnant is gaining too much weight.

If you’re pregnant and trying to achieve the recommended 30 minutes of daily exercise, maybe it’s time to take the dog for a walk.

Researchers found that pregnant women are 50 percent more likely to reach their exercise goals if they own a dog.

“Although the higher physical activity levels of adult dog owners has already been demonstrated in the U.S. and Australia, this is the first study of its kind to examine whether the effects also apply to pregnant women, said Dr. Carri Westgarth, in a news release from the University of Liverpool’s Institute of Infection and Global Health. “By not managing their weight and exercise, pregnant women risk unnecessary weight gain, as well as a difficult labor or weight problems for the child in later life.”

Walking is considered a low-risk exercise, according to the researchers. Walking the dog could help combat obesity, they wrote.

The study, which included more than 11,000 pregnant women, was published in the journal PLoS One.

Source: University of Liverpool news release

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